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Abbott, Jerry - 412 N. 49, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-5882. Jerry has been married to Susan Borengasser for 26 years. They have two children, Brett (22 years) and Sarah (20 years). Both children are in college. Brett will marry this summer. Jerry has been a tool and die maker for 17 years. He loves to play golf and travel. Jerry stated that he is still short, but now fat and bald.

Adams, Virginia (Daily) - 1832 Seminole Cr., Fayetteville, AR 72701.

Ahart, Walter - 2815 N. R, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Albritton, Richard - PO Box 180581, Fort Smith, AR 72918-0581 - Phone (501) 646-3025. E-Mail - After high school, Richard went into the U.S. Air Force. He trained into the maintenance field of electronics, staying nine years. He received an honorable discharge and returned to Fort Smith. Richard is currently driving a big rig. He enjoys playing football, table tennis, softball, chess, and bowling.

Allen, Dennis - Rt. 1, Box 379 -1, Muldrow, OK 72948.

Anaya, Alicia (Booles) - 801 Brookview, Benton, AR 72015 - Phone (501) 315-5429. E-Mail Address - Alicia works in cash management at Metropolitan National Bank in Little Rock. Her husband, Lee, works for Banctec. Their son, Dustin (27 years), is married to Jill and works as a Wal Mart manager. She has two stepsons, Robby (11 years) and Paul Michael (5 years). Alicia’s youngest son, Tracy, was killed in any accident February 18th of this year. He was employed by Healthy Lawns and had just received his certification as an Arkansas Nurseryman. He is survived by his daughter, Eve, also her precious granddaughter. They are working with MADD, as Tracy’s death was caused by a drunk driver - please support you local chapter and help them stop these senseless deaths.

Anderson, Albert

Anderson, Deborah - PO Box 25N, Alma, AR 72921

Anderson, Judy (Berry) - 500 Woodland St., Orlando, FL 32806 - Phone (407) 423-2739. E-Mail - Judy and her husband, Andy, have just celebrated their 26th anniversary. They have lived in Orlando for the past nineteen years where Andy works as a systems test engineer at Lockheed Martin Aerospace. Since living in Orlando, Judy has worked at a veterinary clinic, a travel agency, and most recently as a pre-school teacher at their church. She retired from that position four years ago to become a "full-time mom" for their son Drew (12 years). Judy spends her days driving Drew to the pool where he does springboard and platform diving, doing volunteer work at Drew’s school and at church, and taking care of their home and animals. She enjoys playing golf and going to the beach.

Anderson, Melissa

Anderson, Rebecca (Fox)

Andrews, Mark - Deceased

Andrews, Stephen - PO Box 1713, Muldrow, OK 74948.

Arnold, Larry - 4929 County Aire Est., Hackett, AR 72937.

Asbell, Cathy (Francis)

Atkin, Jeannie (Schuluterman) - PO Box 431, Canadian, TX 79014.

Balch, Jackie (Cunningham) - 801 Nixon Rd., Lavaca, AR 72941.

Barker, Mark - 11408 Cedar, Leawood, KS 66211-2007 - Phone (816) 444-7277. E-Mail - Mark is a CEO with Career Education Systems; public speaker specializing in real estate education. He has spoken in forty-nine states in the past three years. He is the former President of National Real Estate Educators Association. His wife, Regina, is an ergonomics engineer. They have two children, Carrie (12 years) and Sam (9 years).

Barling, Sandra (Clark) - 3280 Normandy Cr., Marietta, GA 30062.

Barnett, Cindy (Weyer) - 40-1 Kimberling Shore Lane, Kimberling City, MO 65686 - Phone (417) 779-5252. E-Mail - . Cindy’s husband, Rodney, and she have moved to Kimberling, MO this spring. After many years as an executive secretary and her husband in oil/lubricant sales in Fort Smith, they are now working together at Fairfield Communities. They have six grown children and one granddaughter in Fort Smith. They love to travel, love music, are avid readers, and enjoy camping, canoeing, hiking, fishing, boating, cooking, gardening, Bible study, and scuba diving.

Barnwell, Diane (Harris) - 4318 Park Ave., Fort Smith, AR 72903. E-Mail- . Diane is married to Tom Harris, a math teacher at Darby Junior High, but transferring to Northside this next fall. Diane teaches Special Education at Euper Lane. They have two daughters, Sara (20 years) and Amy (17 years). Sara is a Dental Hygiene student at Westark and Amy is a Northside senior. Amy is captain of cheerleading, member of the band, and active in church. Diane enjoys shopping for antiques and working in the yard. Many of the things her grandmother said, did, and believed are now things she does.

Barton, Danny - 1101 M St., Barling, AR 72923.

Bassett, Roger

Batson, Donald - 760 Nebula Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

Bean, Robert - 718 Arkansas Terrace, Alma, AR 72921. E-Mail Address:  I've been married to Paula for 24 years and we have 3 children Michael 20, Kelsey 15 and Garin 9.  I am soon to retire from the Fort Smith Police Department after 26 years of service.  I'm not sure what I'll do but I will find something.  

Beauchamp, Ricky - 7001 Hestand Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-6417. E-Mail Address - Ricky has been a partner in a local CPA firm for the past twenty-five years. He is married to Jan and they have three sons, Ricky (16 years), Reid (14 years), and Brian (11 years). Their family travels out-of-town twenty-six weekends per year with competitive soccer. All three boys are in different age groups.

Becker, David - 3113 S. 99, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Bell, Berta - 4515 Brockman, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Bell, David - 123 CR320, Berryville, AR 72616 - Phone (870) 423-6927. E-Mail - . David has three children, Robert (22 years), John David (18 years), and Emily (12 years).

Bell, Linda

Bell, Phyllis Karen (Crump) - 1504 Fox Fire Dr., Lawrence, KS 66049.

Bell, Rebecca (Yerton) - PO Box 10436, Fort Smith, AR 72917.

Bennett, Mary Elizabeth (Betsy Ryel) - Deceased  -  Betsy was her nickname.  Last Sunday was the 20th anniversary of her death – 7/1/87. I was blessed and honored to be her older brother. Mike Bennett, Class of 64 

Berkley, Paula (Dunn) - 530 Whitetail Lane, Greenwood, AR 72936. E-Mail Address- Paula has been married to Bill  for 29 years. They have one son, Nathan, 16, a sophomore in high school.  Nathan is following in his dad's footsteps and is a fine trumpet player.  Paula is a first grade teacher at Euper Lane Elementary.  Bill is an employee of the US Postal Service.

Bevilacqua, Gale (French) - 800 N. 58, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-5688. Gale has been manager of AAA Self-Storage for seventeen years. She has been married to Larry for twenty-five years. He is employed at Rheem. They have one son, John Martin (29 years). They have custody of their seven-year-old grandson, Charles. Gale is once again busy being a homeroom mom, PTA-ing, and serving as scout den mother. Larry and Gale enjoy their role as grandparents/parents.

Biggs, Janie (Taylor) - 59 Redwood Cr., Sallisaw, OK 74955 - Phone (918) 775-3316. Janice has taught 7th grade math in Sallisaw for twenty-five years. She attends Sallisaw First Baptist Church. Her husband, Tommy, works at Borg-Warner in Sallisaw. They have two children, Michael (23 years) and Melissa (20 years). She enjoys playing bells at church and singing in the choir.

Billings, Grady

Bishop, Marion

Black, Toni - 302 Linebarger Lane, Bentonville, AR 72712 - Phone (501) 273-5053. Toni is beginning her fourth year as a sales agent for Harris-McHaney, Shearm Realtors. Her sister is mayor of Bentonville. Toni has two sons, Rhett (23 years) and Tanner (19 years). She states that she is now a blonde. Her most exciting activity recently was getting to ride on Air Force One with the President from DC to the new NWARA.

Blackman, Carolyn - 3720 Bradley Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Blackman, Theodore - 3720 Bradley, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Bogner, Elaine (Patton) - PO Box 234, Gassville, AR 72635.

Bolin, Gary - Rt. 1, Box 235-1A, Sallisaw, OK 74955.

Boling, Kathy (Martin)  -  4307 S. 22nd Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901 Phone (479) 646-2956. Email Address: I have a 14 year old daughter named Elizabeth. 

Booth, Janet (Hutchinson) - 6821 S. 10, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Boswell, Daniel - Rt. 2, Box 144, Muldrow, OK 74948.

Bourne, Virginia

Brammer, (Leo) Russell - 3225 Ferncrest Ct., Grand Prairie, TX 75051.

Brandes, Howard

Bray, Deborah (Wesley) - 112A Little Bay Ave., Yorktown, VA 23693.

Bray, Gloria (Millard) -12982 W. Montana Ave., Lakewood, CO 80228.

Bray, Ruston - 4215 Johnston, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Bridges, Donald

Brooks, Barbara - 129 Carlyle Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709-2930.

Brotherton, Vesta (Crawford) - 2001 N. 45 Cr., Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Brown, Maria (Sullivan) - Flat Rock Cr., Van Buren, AR 72956.

Bryant, Debie (Watkins) - 2726 Zion Rd., Van Buren, AR 72956 - Phone (501) 474-8496. Debi is self-employed. Her husband, Don, has retired to their farm. This year their daughter, Chris (23 years), will be getting married.

Bryant, John - PO Box 52155, Tulsa, OK 74152 - Phone (918) 496-9423. E-Mail - John is an attorney in private practice. He graduated from the U of A. His wife, Paula Cox, is a registered nurse. They have been married for nineteen years. John values his old friends from high school and has many fond memories of those years.

Buell, Michelle (Kavanaugh) - 3120 Happy Valley Dr., Little Rock, AR 72212 - Phone (501) 224-6520. E-Mail - After twenty-five years of teaching elementary school, Michelle is turning in her lesson plan book, red pens, and her grade book. She is looking forward to traveling - England in August, the Caymans during Christmas, and Australia in May, 2001. She plans on playing an infinite amount of bridge. Her husband, Steve, and Michelle have been married twenty-six years. He is Vice-President of Administrative Services for Alltel, Corp. He is a colonel in the Arkansas Army National Guard. Their son, Drew (19 years), is a sophomore at the U of A. Their daughter, Kelly (15 years), is a sophomore at Little Rock Central High. Michelle’s claim to fame: she is a seven year breast cancer survivor.

Buergler, Theresa (Baumeister) - 1505 Oak Knolls Cr., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Bull, Randy - 670 S. Oak, Greenwood, AR 72936 - Phone (501) 996-7356. E-Mail - . Randy and his wife, Debra, have been married for twenty-seven years. She is an RN working at Sparks Ambulatory Surgery. Randy is a sales representative and explosive engineer for Buckley Powder Co. He was directly involved in the blasting for the new 540 Highway from Alma to Fayetteville. Their daughter, Billie (25 years), is sales representative for PEC-PRN in Fort Smith. Their son, Josh (23 years), is an electrician/apprentice and a sergeant in the USMC.

Bunda, Rosauro - 3108 Wintergraden Dr. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 - Phone (360) 709-0915. E-Mail - . Rosie joined the Air Force after high school, served for twenty-three years and retired as a major. Since 1993, he has lived in Olympia, Washington with Ruth, his wife of 15 years, their son, Ryan (13 years), and their daughter Renee (6 years). He has worked for the state government for seven years and is currently working for the superintendent of public instruction. They are involved in church, school, and their community. He plays racquetball regularly and enjoys activities with family and friends.

Burford, Charles - 909 S. 9th, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 783-8979. E-Mail - . Chuck is married to Linda.

Burns, Jennifer A. (Parker)

Bybee, Vicky (Kelley) - 3614 S. Rolling Oaks, Tulsa, OK 74107.

Byers, Cecilia (Woods) - 1861 E. Churchill Downs, Germantown, TN 38138.

Cain, Sandra

Calhoun, Jeri (Condry) - 2512 So. O St. , Fort Smith, AR  72901 – email address

- Would love to hear from any of my classmates that remember me -.

Carlson, Eugene - Deceased

Camardese, Randy - 7209 Ellsworth, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-5065. E-Mail - Randy is currently employed by Roche Pharmaceuticals and has been in the pharmaceutical business for the past twenty-three years. He is married to Janie Klyne. He is a devoted daughter, Aubrie (16 years), who is a junior at Southside. Free time is spent at the lake, most recently the Mountain Harbor area of Lake Quichita.

Campbell, Lattis I am the Dean of Higher Education for the Alaska District of the Assemblies of God and I oversee the Alaska Leadership Development Network. I have a Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership and my wife, Sharlotte, and I live in Big Lake Alaska. Our website is:

Campbell, Paul - 3209 Bob-O-Link Ln., Denton, TX 76201 - Phone (940) 556-5132. E-Mail - Paul works for the Texas Department of Health as the supervisor of business support for a genetics laboratory. He has been married to Cheryl, employed by ACE Corporation as the supervisor of a home school academy with over 9,000 students. They have two children, Craig (24 years) and Gwen (22 years). Craig, a computer programmer, has one child, Taylor, a beautiful granddaughter for Paul. Gwen will graduate in December with a bachelor in nursing. When not working, Paul enjoys reading, genealogical research, Internet surfing, pistol competition, and remodeling his house.

Capps, Joseph

Carson, Bob - 3383 N. Millbrook #12, Fresno, CA 73707. E-Mail:

Chapman, Jonnie

Chapman, Michael - 152 Lester St., Brownsmills, NJ 08015.

Cheyne, Cindy (Rose) - 3412 Sunnydale, Denton, TX 76201 - Phone (940) 382-1617. E-Mail - Cindy attended John Brown University in Siloam Springs where she graduated with a BS in Home Economics. She attended the U of A and completed her teaching block in Vocational Home Economics. Cindy completed a basic cosmetology course in 1982 and cosmetology instructor course in 1983. She was a manager/ instructor of a large cosmetology school from 1983-1992. Currently, she is a cafeteria manager for Liberty Christian School. Her husband, Ron is a partner in a business forms company. They have two children, Cody (19 years) and Casey (17 years) are both attended school.

Christy, Shirley (Rozell) - 206 S. First Ave., Bonanza, AR.72916.  Phone 479-638-7171. Email-  I am married to Billy Rozell of almost 31 years.  We have two wonderful girls, which both are married.  We have 5 grandchildren and 2 stepgrandchildren. My husband travels on his job and I work at home with crafts and sell Avon.  I love working on the computer also.   

Cialone, Phyllis (Langston) - 1613 SW. 22nd, Blue Springs, MO 64015 - Phone (816) 229-4174. Phyllis teaches fifth grade in Blue Springs. She and her husband, Jim, have three daughters. Kristy (24 years) has just finished an internship in Rehabilitation Psychology. The twins, Kara and Stephanie (20 years), are in Elementary Education. All are members of First United Methodist Church. She and Jim are in a handbell choir.

Clark, Sherry (Hart) - 5004 Wilson Rd., Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 782-3903. E-Mail - Sherry is still a band jock, playing piccolo in the Western Arkansas Wind Symphony and flute at church. She and her husband, Jerry, are avid car buffs with collection of die-cast and real cars. She continues to work at Rheem in the field of Information Services. Sherry’s main hobby is cake decorating, which is what she plans to do when she retires.

Clark, Wesley - 711 N. 14, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Clay, Jamie

Cobb, Sharon (Cole) - 603 Arrowhead, Jonesboro, AR 72401- Phone (870) 935-7313. E-Mail - . Sharon has worked as a sales representative for Delta Foremost Chemical Company in Memphis for the past eighteen years. Her husband, Ron, is employed by UAMS as the administrator director at AEC in Jonesboro. They have two children, Bradley (15 years) and Amanda (12 years). Their lives are centered around their children’s lives including football, softball, cheerleading, basketball, and soccer. They enjoy music and occasionally motorcycle rides.

Cogburn, Linda (Beckworth) - 28 Constellation Hill, St. Peters, MO 63376 - Phone (636) 916-9159. E-Mail - . Linda is the Echo/Coordinator at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital for the past nineteen years. Her husband, Mark, is the manager of Schnucks Markets, Inc. They have two children, Bobby Whiteaker (28 years) and Kyle (20 years). Bobby dives in Ocean Side, CA. Kyle is junior at Southwest Missouri University. Linda is unable to make it this year, but would love to hear from all her ole friends.

Coker, Cynthia (Bain)

Cole, James - 2205 N. 53, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Coleman, Rebecca (Hewitt)

Coleman, Sharon

Collier, David - 816 Creekside W., Ardmore, OK 73401.

Collier, Patricia (Sloan) - 3538 Craig Rd., Ripley, TN 38063-4034 - Phone (901) 221-8150. E-Mail - . After having lived in the big city of Memphis for eighteen years, she and her husband, James, decided to make a major lifestyle change and move to a small town fifty miles north of Memphis - Ripley, TN. They live out in the country with several horses, two dogs, and a stocked fish pond on twenty-one acres. We have fruit trees and grow our own vegetables. They have thirty-five acres that are shared cropped. We are members of the First United Methodist Church. They have one son, Jason (22 years), who will be graduating from college. Pat is in the choir, needlepoint circle, garden circle, and UMW. She is a member of the Ripley Arts Council and sings "tenor" in a quartet called the "New Believers".

Collins, Jim - 166 Hilltop Dr., Alma, AR 72921.

Conner, Benny - 1816 Vicksburg, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 646-3263. E-Mail - .

Conrady, Becky (Lunney) - 3537 Glen Flora Way, Fort Smith, AR 72908 - Phone (501) 646-0879. Becky is married to Barry. They have three children, Barry (25 years), Rachel (21 years), and Daniel (19 years).

Cook, Barbara (Conrady) - 510 N. 44, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Cook, Cathy (Lyle) - 609 N. 39, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 782-2932. E-Mail - . Cathy has been married to David Lyle for the past ten years. She has one daughter, Nikki Iames (21 years), who graduated from the U of A with a BS in Kinesiology. She has two stepchildren, Brian (23 years) and Raymond (22 years). Cathy is employed part-time at Three Way Transfer of Arkansas.

Cooper, Andy - 1203 Soaring Eagle Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80915 - Phone (719) 591-6610. E-Mail - . Andy is divorced and retired from the US Army after twenty-four years of active duty. Currently, he is a defense contractor supporting US Army Space Command. They develop satellite networks and payload control subsystems. His enjoys spending time in the mountains and NHRA racing.

Cooper, Clark - 9 Free Ferry North, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 478-1969. E-Mail - . Clark and his wife, Lisa, celebrated their ten year anniversary. They have two children, Taylor (7 years) and Crosby (4 years). Clark also has a daughter, Kelly (17 years), who graduated from Southside this year. For the past ten years, Lisa and Clark have owned and operated A Closer Look Photography Studio.

Cooper, Robert - 1441 N. 36, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Cornelius, Clarence - 7405 Peter Pan, San Diego, CA 92114.

Correll, Joan (Williams) - 3323 S. 41, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Cowne, Nancy (Becker) - 3113 S. 99, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Cox, Nita Kay - 1224 N. 55 Terrace, Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 452-2252. E-Mail - . Nita Kay works in real estate rentals/investments and as a professional calligrapher. Her activities include: former Bible Study Fellowship leader, Precept Ministries’ leader, active in St. Paul United Methodist Church, prayer ministry coordinator, worship committee chairperson, and Sunday School teacher. She enjoys needlework and scrap booking.

Cravens, Jonathan - 7338 S. Prairie, Chicago, IL 60619.

Crawley, Deborah (Marchese)

Criswell, Booker - 102 S. 23, Van Buren, AR 72956.

Crone, David

Cross, Deborah (Hobbs) - 5235 Mackenay Creek Rd., Greenwood, AR 72936.

Cross, Robert - 11526 Dunfield, Houston, TX 77099.

Crowder, David

Cutsinger, John R.

Daniel, Mayetta (Pruitt) - 2510 N. 54, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Davis, Barbara (Young) - 4300 Victoria, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Davis, Dawn (Haupt) - 1648 Webster Rd., Pine City, NY 14871.

Davis, James

Dawson, Jan K. (Davis) - 2825 Dodson, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 783-7684. Jan is currently working part-time as an insurance and benefits professional. She likes the Razorbacks, St. Louis Cardinals, and March Madness. As of July 1st, her new address and phone will be 11205 Northfield Court, Fort Smith, AR 72916 - (501) 649-9922.

Dean, Suzanne (Hawkins) - 623 E. Col. Glenn Rd., Little Rock, AR 72210 - Phone (501) 821-5347. Last year, Suzanne and her husband, Randy a Baptist minister, went on a mission trip to Honduras. Working with the "street" children and living in a rural-poverty-stricken area isolated from the rest of the world has been the highlight of her life. They have two children, Doug Walsh (24 years) and Kimberly Walsh (20 years). Doug will receive his master’s degree from the U of A and Kimberly is a bridal consultant. Most recently, Suzanne has been an office manager for a small company and sales clerk in a fabric store. She is a quilter and a volunteer at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, rocking sick babies on Saturday mornings. Randy is also maintenance supervisor at the AR 4-H Center and is pursuing his doctorate degree from the Missionary Baptist Seminary.

Dean, William - 2440 Knightway Dr., Gretna, LA 70056.

DeBats, Janice (Young) - 1217 Thomas Rd., S. Charleston, WV 25303 - Phone (304) 744-1739. E-Mail - . Janice received her B.A. in sociology from the U of A and her BSN in nursing from the University of Tennessee. After working several years in open heart surgery, she obtained her MSN in nursing from West Virginia University. She is currently employed as a nurse practitioner with Charleston Area Medical Center. She is married to Mark, a chemical engineer, working in research and development with Union Carbide. In her spare time, Janice enjoys playing the hammered dulcimer and gardening.

Denoi, Kaci - 1309 Ridgecrest Dr SE, Albuquerque NM 87108. Phone 505 266 8525 Email DeNoik@aol I practice law 10 -20 hours each week, in my own law firm, now 17 yrs established. Former Violent crimes prosecuting attorney. The remainder of my time I travel the world, specializing in Africa.

Diamond, Kathryn (Davis) - 4425 NW 52, Oklahoma City, OK 73112 - Phone (405) 947-5413. E-Mail - Kathryn is a writer of magazine articles and has published two books (Therapy Dogs: Training Your Dog to Reach Others and Responsible Dog Ownership). She answers dog behavior questions online for the Pet Care Forum of the Veterinary Information Network, . Her dogs are her "kids". She has been married to Bill for twenty-one years. She has been an active volunteer therapy dog handler since 1985.

Dickens, Carolyn - Deceased

Dinsmore, Francis K.

Dinsmore, Roy - 1205 M Terrace, Barling, AR 72923 - Phone (501) 452-0195. Roy has been married to Sandra for twenty-seven years. They like to fish, camp, and travel when they can find the time. They are busy clearing an area to build a new house near Mountainburg. They have four children, Perry (26 years), Melissa (24 years), Heather (18 years), and Diana (18 years). Heather and Diana have just graduated from NHS this year. Roy and Sandra have one grandchild, Logan (7 years). Roy works for Whirlpool Corporation.

Dixon, Carol Ann (Bernal) - PO Box 297, Hereford, AZ 85615.

Dixon, Chris - 4033 Tabernash Ln., Richardson, TX 75082 - Phone: 972-918-0438 Fax: 972-918-0069. Web Site: Email: ICQ#: 1084639 Yahoo Messenger: "onlycrawdaddy". After high school I left Fort Smith and moved to Dallas. Spent 72-75 in the Army stationed in Darmstadt Germany. Been married to my wife Deedie for 21 years and we have a daughter who lives in Houston. She has given us two grandkids. After getting out of the Army I went to work for The United Methodist Reporter and was there until I had to retire in 1996 because of the loss of eyesight. I still have sight but its very poor, so most all I do is on a computer. I run my own internet server.

Dixon, Ricky

Dorrough, Kay (Adams) - 1510 N. 56 Terrace, Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 452-6971. Kay is married to Barry and they have six children, Amy (24 years), Matt (23 years), Nick (19 years), and Kay’s stepchildren, Ashley (22 years), Nick (19 years), Taylor (13 years). Kay works at New Health Dental Group in administration. She enjoys reading, sewing, and outdoor activities. Amy is married and four others are in college.

Dorsey, Donald - 7900 Joseph St., Fort Smith, AR 72908 - Phone (501) 646-4770. Donald has been with the Fort Smith Fire Department for twenty-six years. He will be a captain in December, 2000. He will retire with twenty-seven years. He is married to Melissa and they have five children, Donald, Jr. (24 years), Brandon (20 years), Madison (12 years), twins Kriston and Kameron (5 years). He guesses he’ll be "Mr. Mom" when he retires.

Dorsey, Ronald

Douglas, Bonita (Gordon) - 3801 Young, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Dyer, Danny - 2516 Houston St., Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Dyrhood, Beverly (Bickell) - 3740 E. 78, Tulsa, OK 74136.

Echols, Morgan (Vandergriff) - 1601 S. Memphis, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Edwards, Martha (Pate) - 609 E. Quinton, Broken Arrow, OK 74401 - Phone (918) 4513040. E-Mail - marthapate@worldnet.att:net . Martha is the Eastern Oklahoma State Manager for American Fidelity. She and her husband, Jim, have two boys, Nick (16 years) and Alex (14 years). Everyone, except Martha, is an avid golfer. She enjoys gardening. Unable to come to the reunion, Martha will be in Europe.

Ellison, Joan - 8811 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock, AR 72227.

Embry, Claudia (Ross) - Deceased

Embry, Mike - Deceased

Fancher, Michael - 4831 S. Prett, Springfield, MO 65804 Phone (417) 889-4708.

Fant, Elaine (Walker) - 4814 Arlington, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Farrar, Donna (Finney) - 14000 Napoleon Rd., Little Rock, AR 72211.

Farrar, Mary (Bount) - 46 Alpine, Van Buren, AR 72956 - Phone (501) 471-5298. Mary and her husband, Ronnie, have one daughter, Landi Fay (23 years). Mary is an Assistant Vice-President of Citizens Bank and Trust in Van Buren. She and Ronnie are active at Oak Grove Baptist Church. They enjoy traveling, especially to Tunica.

Fawcett, Charles - 9 Riverlyn Terrace, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-3709. E-Mail - CHFawcett@aol . Com. Chuck and his wife, Shannon, have four children, Nikki (29 years), Hank (27 years), Aimee (25 years), and Rachel (24 years). They have two grandchildren, Morgan and Cason.

Filhoil, Cass - 1500 S. Albert Pike #3, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Finney, Gail - 78 LaRhonda, Oxford, MS 38655 - Phone (662) 234-1528. E-Mail - . After high school, Gail attened and graduated from Westark and Hendrix College. In 1974, she moved to Oxford. She received a BS in Pharmacy and two master’s degrees from U of MS. Most recently, she received a Pharmacy Degree from UAMS. She is a hospital pharmacist at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford. She is a member of North Oxford Baptist Church and is actively involved in its activities.

Finney, Linda (Whitledge) - 7824 Colony Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72908 - Phone (501) 646-6381. E-Mail -

Married to Gerald Whitledge for 39 years. I have 4 children Tracy, Tim, Chris, and Andrea. Three grandchildren, Brett Grubb and Brooklyn Grubb, Camryn Whitledge and 1 step grandson Tyler Rainwater. I love to cook and work at church when needed. I work at church camp praying and winning young souls to JESUS CHRIST. I am working on recipes for a cook book. 

Fisher, Joe W.

Fitting, Eric A. - 4009 S. Gary, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 646-8313. Eric is an accountant and works for Whirlpool, Inc. In addition, he has his own accounting practice out of his home. He is married to Jeannie. He enjoys golf and church.

Fletcher, Bobby - 7801 Yorktown Rd., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Fowler, Beverly

Fowler, Pam (Siler) - 7002 W. Wakefield, Little Rock, AR 72209.

Fox, Carol

Frame, Barbara - 3003 John Wayne Dr., Fayetteville, AR 72703. Barbara is presently working as an RN at the Veteran’s Hospital in Fayetteville. She still enjoys being a nurse after twenty-eight years. She belongs to several garden clubs and is involved in promoting gardening. Her yard, with all the flowerbeds and vegetable garden, keeps her busy throughout the year.

Frank, Vicki (Day) - Rt. 2, Box 5663, Roland, OK 74954 - Phone (918) 427-5056. E-Mail - VAMPRAD@aol . Vicki and Frank have been married for twenty-eight years. They have two children, Paul (23 years) and Jenny (21 years). Paul is an ordained minister. He has started mission work in Piedmont, OK. Jenny is at the University of Central Oklahoma, majoring in Physical Education with a math minor. Vicki has worked for Dr. T.A. Feild for eleven years as the x-ray tech/lab tech. Frank is one of the commercial sales managers for Randall Ford.

Freeman, Drew - 17589 Bond, Olathe, KS 62062.

Freeman, Kenneth

Frizzell, Vickie (Pratt) - 5705 Otoe, Lincoln, NE 68506.

Furlow, James - 4125 S. 34, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 649-0251. E-Mail - . Jim has been in the electrical wholesale supply business for the past twenty-five years. He has coached boys club baseball in Fort Smith for ten years and church league baseball for five years. He is a boys club alumni member. Jim enjoys scouting, bicycling, duck hunting with son Timothy (12 years). He also enjoys traveling with his wife of seventeen years, Shelley.

Gabbard, Sheila (King) - 5353 Martindale Lane, Rudy, AR 72952 - Phone (501) 474-3603.

Gaines, Janice - 2321 N. 57 Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Gallaher, Janice (Howerton)

Galloway, Albert - 924 Devonshire Way, Lake Wales, FL 33853 - Phone (863) 676-7874. E-Mail - . Chuck and his wife, Lessa, have two children, Livia Katherine (8 years) and Ian Charles (5 years). Leesa is a homemaker and Brownie Girl Scout Leader. They are members of First Presbyterian Church. Chuck serves as Chairman of the Board of Deacons. Five years ago, Chuck joined his present firm, Bradley Johnson Law Firm, P.A. He serves as City Attorney for the City of Lake Wales. He is immediate past President of the Lake Wales Family YMCA. Chuck is an advocate for prostate testing as he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March of 1999. After undergoing a radical prostectomy in June of last year, Chuck is doing well.

Gammil, Donald - 4508 Wynnewood, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Gann, Ronnie - Deceased

Gardner, Nancy (Hodges) - 450 Lakeshore Dr., Sevierville, TN 37876.

Garner, Paul - Deceased

Garrett, Richard L.

Gately, Collen (Bixler) - PO Box 201, Ouray, CO 81427 - Phone (970) 626-4325. E-Mail - .I live in Ouray, Colorado. I'm single.  My daughter, Katheryn, just graduated from high school and will be going to college in New York.  I just quit my job as City Clerk after 12 years, and I plan to travel and spend the winter in Puerto Vallarta.  I would love to hear from any of my old friends.

Gattis, Larry - 6606 Jackson, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Gean, Roy - 501 Garrison, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Gibson, Randy - 5705 Cross Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Gilbert, Mike - Deceased

Goodwin, Ronald

Gordon, Marketta - 602 N. 35, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Graham, Bobby

Graham, Elizabeth - 5629 S. 28, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Graham, Jerry - 908 N. 34, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Grant, William T. - 1906 Tilles, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Graper, Gary - 3059 N. Hwy. 59, Van Buren, AR 72956.

Greene, Connie - 905 N. 7, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Greer, Jo (Johnson) - 1438 NW 104th, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

Griffin, Ronald - 4616 Arlington, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Griggs, William - 5204 Moody Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Guthrie, Gary - 5809 Fresno Terrace, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-9802. E-Mail - GSAETRIO@PRODIGY.NET . Gary graduated from UMKC School of Denistry and returned to Fort Smith in 1991. He and his wife, Sharon, have one daughter, Allison (5 years).

Hale, Monte - 2705 S. 40, Springdale, AR 72764 - Phone (501) 751-6911. E-Mail - . Monte is employed as a logistics manager/purchase agent for Razorback Farms/AERT. He enjoys flying, fishing, golfing, and computers. His wife, Melissa, works for M & M Enterprises. They have two children, Scharidi (22 years) and Lindsay (18 years). Scharidi graduated from the U of A with a BA in Poultry Science. Lindsay is a sophomore at the U of A, majoring in Poultry Science. Both girls rope calves and have performed for years in World Class Performances with the American Quarterhorse Association Finals.

Hall, Dennis - 1508 N. M Circle, Barling, AR 72923.

Hall, Dixie (Klock) - 23200  Running  Deer  Trail, Edmond, OK 73003 - Phone (405) 348-0722. E-Mail - . Dixie has been married to Roger for twenty years. They have two children, Christopher (26 years) and Jennifer (18 years). Christopher is a computer engineer. They will be attending his wedding in Barbados during the reunion. Jennifer will attend Stephens College this fall as a Theater Arts major. Dixie enjoys volunteer work and gardening. They look forward to traveling now that their "nest" will soon be empty.

Hall, Jimmy - 1400 S. 66, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 783-3100. Jimmy is married to Darlin, an aerobics teacher at Mercy Fitness. Jimmy owns an accounting firm. He has four children, Sarah (20), Kelly (18 years), Amger (16 years), and Trey (6 months). Sarah attends to U of A, Kelly is a senior at SHS, Amber is a sophomore at SHS, and Summer attends Hobson Preschool.

Hall, Ronald - Deceased

Halliburton, Thomas - 1345 Trinity Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642.

Haney, Sharon (Jalaliddin)

Hardee, Evelyn (Akins)

Hardwick, Willa - 4314 Yorkshire, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Harms, Phillip - 200 Millwood Cr. #511, Maumelle, AR 72113.

Harrington, Frank - 3301 Furman, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Harris, Bill

Harris, Judy - 1718 N. 8th, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Harris, Monti (Putnam) - 2358 Post Oak Tritt Rd., Marietta, GA 30062.

Harris, Rebecca (Ibison) - 6709 Eastgate Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Harrison, Barbara (Smith) - Rt. 2, Box 366-2, Mulberry, AR 72947.

Harrison, Pam (Lehnen) - 6000 S. Boston, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-7189. E-Mail - . Pam and her husband, Joe, will be celebrating their 28th anniversary this June. Their son, Aaron (24 years) works for ADKO. Their daughter, Angela, was 15 when she died of leukemia on October 11, 1993. They are active in starting their new church development, Dallas Oaks Presbyterian. She sings in the choir. Pam is finishing her 18th year with the Fort Smith School System - six years at Darby and twelve years at the Service Center. She is serving as state president of the state association and is active in the local and national associations of educational office professionals. Joe has been with JC Penney for twenty-two years and is currently the visual merchandise manager. 

Harrison, Ronald

Hart, Lyman - 1395 N St., Barling, AR 72923.

Hartgraves, Lola - 1819 N. 33, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Harvel, Rita (Montgomery)

Hatter, Mark

Hawkins, Carolyn (Pryor) - 502 Rife, Rogers, AR 72756.

Hawkins, Ilene

Hedges, Sharon (Spaunhurst) - 4605 N. 36, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Heim, Kathryn (Miller) - Rt. 6, Box 450, Fayetteville, AR 72703.

Henningson, Maren (Ruestow) - 1507 N. 52, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 782-2284. E-Mail - . In 1972, Maren married John, a 1965 NHS graduate. After putting him through college and having two children, she went back to college for her nursing degree. She is currently an internal review coordinator at Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care. Both daughters, Sarah (25 years) and Michele (21 years), graduated from NHS. They both married last year, but live close by. Maren is a volunteer in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and spends most of her weekends on the Arkansas River helping boaters in trouble.

Hesslen, Cecilia (Peer) - 203 E. Tahlequah, Silaom Springs, AR 72761.

Hirams, Geraldine

Hoffius, Susan - 7300 Brompton #5822, Houston, TX 77025-2157 - Phone (713) 666-7972. E-Mail - .

Hoffman, Kenneth - 3506 Muirfield Cr., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Hoffman, Thomas L.

Hoopaw, Jayne (Coleman) - 4121 Bradley, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Hooper, Paul W.

Hoover, Duell D.

Hopkins, Jackie - 2010 Falls Branch Lane, Van Buren, AR 72956.

Hopper, Kathleen

Howard, Carolyn (Alverson)

Hubbard, Ernestine

Hubbard, Eula (Thirlkill) - 7317 Folkstone Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76140 - Phone (817) 572-0937. E-Mail - . Eula has worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone for twenty-four years. She and her husband, Lucious, enjoy horses and enter them in Quarter Horse races. They have two children, Keya (24 years) and Rashad (21 years). The apple of Eula’s eye is her granddaughter, Kayla (three years).

Hudson, David - 5500 Short Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 484-5115. E-Mail - . David received his BSPA and MPA from the U of A. His career has been in county government administration for the past twenty-three years. He was elected Sebastian County Judge in 1998 with the help and support of many NHS classmates. He has been active in the Boy Scouts, coaching church league baseball, and is an avid bicyclist. He is married to his junior high sweetheart, Tracy Moore. They have four children, Jacque (27 years), David Matthew (22 years), Rachel (17 years), and Brian (14 years).

Huff, Sharon (Flowers) - 9240 Brushboro Dr., Brentwood, TN 37027.

Huffman, Barbara (Hardee) - 4640 Norwood Ave., Tulsa, OK 74135.

Hughes, Kent

Hughes, Paula (Price) - HC61, Box 19, Calico Rock, AR 72519 - Phone (870) 297-4185. E-Mail - . Paula and her husband, Cid have been married for twenty-eight years. They have two children, Misty (25 years) and Jeff (20 years). Misty has recently married and is a travel agent. Jeff is a student and a swing dance instructor. They own a trout fishing resort on the White River in Calico Rock and a small bed and breakfast. They love to travel. Paula encourages you to come and check out the fishing.

Ibison, Jimmy - 5308 S. 94, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Ibison, Rita - 5804 Ellsworth, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Irons, David - 7411 S. Oak Pl., Broken Arrow, OK 74011 - Phone (918) 455-1842. David and his wife, Vickii, have two children, Hollie (23 years) and Ben (19 years).

Israel, Don - 2800 S. 32, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 646-0768. Don is married to Gaye. They have four children, Lindsay (24 years), Aaron (23 years), Laura (21 years), and Jacob (18 years).

Jackson, Alvin - 2405 Roberts Ave., Wichita Falls, TX 76301.

James, Mamie (Boylan) - 782 N. 24 W. Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74127 - Phone (918) 583-2567. E-Mail - . Mamie has been married to Don for twenty-three years. In January, 2000, they had the grand opening of DM Property - Lansing Plaza. We are partners in "The Look" Style Shop, housed in the office complex. We are also partners in Lansing Accounting and Tax. Mamie is a Medical Claims Billing Specialist. DM stands for Don and Mamie. In this complex there is also a beauty supply, a barber shop, a restaurant, and a nail shop. This is located at 782 E. Pine, Tulsa.

James, Robbye E.

Jeffcoat, Gordon

Jeffers, David - 1706 E. Moore #8, Searcy, AR 72143 - Phone (501) 268-4850. E-Mail - David states that he is a confirmed old bachelor. He continues to teach at Searcy High School where he tries to stamp out ignorance, a task that seems insurmountable. He still claims it’s Great to Be a Grizzly!

Jennings, Gary - 1800 N. 12, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Johnson, Joe - 122 Hidden Creek Dr., Huntsville, AL 35806.

Johnson, Johnny - 13233 Keowa Dr., Moreno Valley, CA 92388.

Johnson, Tim - 5908 Country Club Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-0544. E-Mail - . Tim and his wife, Debbie, have two children, Kendall (16 years) and Gentry (21 years). Kendall is a sophomore at SHS and Gentry is in his third year at Westark majoring in computer science. Debbie works with Tim in their business, Premier Advertising Specialties. They have been in this business for thirteen years. Tim enjoys golf. Debbie enjoys oil painting. Tim invites 1000 of their closest friends to a party at their new house, but only two at a time! Tim hates to admit that he’s an old fart, but enjoys watching the birds in the backyard from his deck.

Johnston, Pamela (Miller)

Jones, Audrey J.

Jones, James E.

Jones, Michael - 606 Kelley, Pocola, OK 74902.

Jones, Sandra (Hayes) - 5711 Wildwood Rd., Van Buren, AR 72956 - Phone (501) 474-3675. Email - This Email address means I have 13 nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephew and there is another great-nephew on the way. I collect bears and dolls. I worked in the grocery business 18 years before beginning to teach school. Sandy is a second grade teacher at Tilles. Previously, she taught kindergarten for nine years. She has received her Masters in Elementary Education and plans to earn her National certification in Early Childhood Education. Her husband, Stephen, is a pipefitter for Neidecker at MacSteel. He has two children, Stephanie and Steve. Stephen and Sandy have four dogs - Jake, Rusty, Biddy, and Bootsie - that they consider their kids.     

Jones, Thomas

Jordan, Amos - 6102 Kingswood Dr., Arlington, TX 76017.

Jordan, Jerald - 2869 Persian Lane, New Market, TN 37820.

Joyce, Cindy (Griggs) - 5204 Moody Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Karber, Greg - 4111 Cruise Hill Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 782-8813. E-Mail - GTK@PSBKA.Com . Greg is married to Jennifer. They have two children, Gregory (13 years) and Shaw (7 years).

Karrant, Cynthia (Hold) - 3013 S. 65, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Keeter, Tommie

Kell, Rita

Kelton, Carmen - Deceased

Key, Melissa G.

Kieffer, Nancy A.

Killion, Patricia F.

Kinsey, Jimmy W.

Klock, Robert - PO Box 1968, Bentonville, AR 72712 - Phone (501) 872-0055. Robert and his wife, Maritza, have two children, Stephanie (15 years) and Caroline (13 years). Robert is an attorney.

Klyne, Mary (Camardese) - 7209 Ellsworth, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-5065. E-Mail - . Janie and her husband, Randy, feel fortunate to have stayed in the Fort Smith area with family and friends. Janie has worked at Whirlpool in organization for the past twenty-eight years. She is currently the new model planner. They have one daughter, Aubrie (16 years), a junior at Southside High School. Their family likes to spend their free time at the lake.

Kolb, Diane

Konert, Michelle (Goggans) - 304 Rice, Little Rock, AR 72205.

Krebs, Samuel D.

Kropp, Lewis - 3406 Stratfield Dr., Atlanta, GA 30319.

Kutait, Julia (Dobbs) - 4420 Kinkead, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Kuykendall, Dennis - 2503 Louisville, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 646-1353. Dennis is married to Michelle. They have two children, Christina (16 years) and Drew (15 years). He is active in the military.

Kymer, Patti (Davis) - 4303 Woodlawn, Little Rock, AR 72205 - Phone (501) 664-1660. E-Mail - . Patti makes a living passing gas at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Her husband, B.J., is a rock and roll drummer/salesman. They have been married fifteen years and have three daughters, Emily (11 years), Abigal (9 years), and Elizabeth (8 years). Patti’s life is now one big mortgage payment, soccer games, Girl Scouts, softball, dances, band gigs, and nights on call at Arkansas Children’s Hospital mixed in.

Lairamore, William - 3700 Dorrington Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89129 - Phone (702) 360-5713. E-Mail - . After graduating from NHS, Bill attended College of the Ozarks and earned an MA in technical theater at SMSU. After meeting his wife, Molly, while both employed at Springfield Little Theater, they moved to Kansas City and worked in various jobs related to theater. Molly became a freelance computer programmer in 1990 and in 1996 we moved to Las Vegas. Bill is currently working at 4Wall Entertainment as a lighting designer and system salesman for entertainment and themed environments. Their son, Danny (17 years), is a high school senior and would like to major in film.

Lairmore, Nancy (Glenn) - 4113 Hardie Ave., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Lairmore, Susan (Love) - 6506 Shaver Rd., Lavaca, AR 72941.

Lang, Gary - 5305 S. Camino DeLa Tierra, Tucson, AZ 85476.

Lasey, Jack - 2483 E. Oaks Dr., Fayetteville, AR 72703 - Phone (501) 444-8723. E-Mail - or . Jack and his wife, Sandy Neff, have two children, Shelby (22 years) and Jay (17 years). They have two grandchildren, Allison (5 years) and Makayla (2 years).

Latsos, Mark

Lawless, J. Perry - Rt. 1, Box 630, Roland, OK 74954 - Phone (918) 427-5688. Perry and his wife, Nancy, have three children, Leticia (21 years), Amanda (20 years), and Sara (14 years). They have one grandchild, Faith (2 years).

Lawson, Rudy - 502 O St., Barling, AR 72923.

Ledford, Sandra (Norrid) - 8101 Yorktown Rd., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Lee, William R.

Leftwich, Hugh - 100 Cornell Cr., Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 646-8805. Hugh has been in the grocery business for thirty-two years. Hugh has three children, John (23 years), Teressa (17 years), and Aaron (14 years). Hugh spends most of his time coaching or watching his children’s sports. Teresa graduated with honors this year and played softball, making All State. Hugh is a member of First Baptist Church, where he works with the singles.

Leraris, Phil - 7001 S. U, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-7318. Phil is married to Leanna Hutson. He has been in private practice as a professional engineer and land surveyor since 1986. They have three children, Kristen (22 years), Justin (20 years), and Lauren (17 years). Kristen recently graduated from the U of A. Justin will pitch for the Razorbacks next year. Lauren will be a freshman at the U of A. Phil enjoys music and has been a member of the church’s handbell choir for fifteen years.

Lessley, Brenda (Mikel)

Lessley, Sharon (Horton) - 7901 Yorktown Rd., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Linam, Holly (Wagner)

Looney, Linda ( Lemon) - PO Box 1258, Alma, AR 72921.

Loris, Keith - 119 N. 18, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Lovell, Jimmy W.

Lovell, Peggy (Montgomery) - 3412 Iola, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Lumpkin, Donald - 2117 S. V, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 783-7530. Don received an Associate of Arts degree from Westark in 1972. He has had careers in sales, radio broadcasting, and as an EEG technician. He married Hazel in 1978. They have one daughter, Lindsay (16 years). She is a sophomore at SHS. Don is currently employed at Sparks Regional Medical Center. He enjoys reading and playing the guitar.

Lunney, Barry - 3537 Glen Flora Way, Fort Smith, AR 72908 - Phone (501) 646-0879. Barry is married to Becky Conrady. They have three children, Barry (25 years), Rachel (21 years), and Daniel (19 years).

Lyle, John David - 609 N. 39, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 782-2932. E-Mail - . David has been married to Cathy Cook for ten years. He is retired from the Air National Guard and is currently employed as maintenance supervisor at Dixie Cup. He is a licensed electrician. He has three children, Brian (23 years), Raymond (22 years), and Nikki (21 years).

Lyon, Vicki (Grimshaw) - 2363 Meadowcroft, Maumee, OH 43537 - Phone (419) 886-6513. E-Mail -  . Vicki is married to Russ. They have three children, Chip (23 years), Doug (21 years), and Amanda (17 years).

Maddux, Brenda (Love) - 3704 Havenbrook, Norman, OK 73072 - Phone (405) 292-1367. Brenda is the president of Northstar Group, Inc., a homebuilding company. She still owns a home in Fort Smith and visits bi-weekly. She is also president of Design and Construction Management Company. She has helped raise two step children who are now grown. Brenda is engaged to Victor Squieimari.

Madison, Alan

Mailer, John - 2112 N. 45th Terrace, Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 782-6514. E-Mail - . John is presently employed as a buyer for Custom Fabrication and Engineering, Inc. He is married to Janet, an executive secretary to the vice-president of Finance and Campus Services at Westark. They have two children, Jill (22 years) and John III (19 years). Jill is an elementary education major and planning a wedding for December. John is a graphic arts major at Arkansas Tech on a music scholarship.

Martin, Donald - E-Mail- I go by Ray Martin which is the name all of my classmates would know me by. I live at 6821 Pecan Cove Lane in Van Buren, Arkansas. I have worked for the Fort Smith Public School System for the last 26 years and am currently the principal of Northside High School. It is an honor and very exciting to be principal at Northside. I am married to Patti Carl Lumbert. Patti worked for the school system for 26 years and recently took a medical retirement. I have two stepchildren, Priscilla who lives in Washington, D.C. and Joe, who lives in Alliance, Nebraska. I spend most of my time attending Northside events. Someone asked me this week when I would have a free weekend so we could plan a trip and I said "probably about the middle of March after the Lady Bears basketball team wins their fifth straight state championship". Football starts next Friday night against Pine Bluff and we are looking forward to a great season. I enjoy my job immensely. You have a great website here. Go Bears!

Martin, Elizabeth (White) - 5517 Rye Hill Road East, Fort Smith, AR 72916 - Phone (501) 646-8574. Elizabeth has two children, Amy (18 years) and Will (8 years).

Martin, Joe

Martin, Kent - 1138 Huntington Dr., Fayetteville, AR 72701.

Martin, Rebecca (Heffner) - 3606 Roosevelt, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Martin, William

Martinez, David - 4210 Avenue G., University of Texas - Waggener, Austin, TX 78712.

Mason, Patricia (Scafidi) - P.O. Box 733 St. Croix VI 00821 Phone (340) 277-9174:  Attended University of New Orleans.  Married Captain Don Scafidi in1973 – two kids April and ‘Max Scafidi.  In June 2006 son Max graduated from his father's Alma Mater, the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point NY.  President Bush gave the commencement speech.  Daughter April follows the sea as well and is Chief Yacht Attendant aboard private and charter yachts. Max has set to sea as 3rd Mate on tankers.   Patti & Don remain in St. Croix where they still sail Blew Max.  Patti sells Real Estate on St. Croix.  Husband Don is full time artist now.    In 2002, Don Scafidi received a Presidential commendation for his 9/11 commemorative painting "We Will Not Fail - A Tribute to American Spirit,” which he donated to the New York City Fire Museum.  You can see the painting at   Email Patti at , or visit her web page  

Massey, Helen

Mathews, Richard A.

Matten, Jill (Lindsey) - 1307 Letha, Springdale, AR 72764.

May, William - 3711 Johnson, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Mays, Carolyn (Jordan) - 6102 Kingswood Dr., Arlington, TX 76017 - Phone (817) 467-6886. Carolyn and her husband, Amos, work for the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Carolyn will retire in May, 2000, after thirty years of service. She plans to become a full-time mom to daughter Amber (12 years). Carolyn is involved in church activities at Cornerstone Baptist Church. She enjoys some travel and spending time with friends.

McAdams, James - 3115 W. 36th Pl., Tulsa, OK 74107.

McAfee, Adonna - 4102 Wirsing, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

McAllister, Gary E.

McAllister, Jerry R.

McBride, Pam - 1615 Somerset, Van Buren, AR 72956.

McCarley, Deborah (Burns) - 5620 Gordon Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

McClanahan, Bob - 1417 S. 131 E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74108-3919 - Phone (918) 438-0003. E-Mail - . Bobby has worked for Southwestern Bell for thirty years, during which he has been elected President of Communications Workers of America, Local 6012. Bobby is married to Rebecah. They have three children, Bobbie (29 years), Katie (23 years), and Travis (25 years).

McClure, Mike

McCormick, James - 3530 Heather Moor, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

McDaniel, Terry (Bell) - 2119 S. N, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 785-4785. E-Mail - . Terry is working at Data-Tronics as an information specialist. Her primary responsibility is training the Arkansas Best Corporation staff in Microsoft Software Technology. Terry has two children, Aaron (20 years) and Jessica (16 years). Aaron attends Westark and Jessica is a sophomore honor student at Northside. They are active members of Spradling Baptist Church.

McDonald, Charlotte (Jones) - 2105 N. 53, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

McFarland, Kathleen (Metiva)

McKay, Scott

McWilliams, Deborah (Linow) - 6628 Sunchase Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Meador, Charlotte (Flanders) - 10901 Lansdown Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72908 - Phone (501) 648-1014. E-Mail - . Charlotte is married to Dudley. They have two children, Dudley, Jr. (20 years) and Jessie (18 years). Dudley, Jr. has graduated from Full Sail in Orlando with a degree in the recording arts. Jessie will be a freshman at Rhodes College this fall. Charlotte loves to travel, scuba dive, and spend time on the house-boat at Lake Ouachita.

Medarac, Jean (Melton) - 809 Turner Blvd., Grand Prairie, TX 75050 - Phone (972) - 237-0023. E-Mail - RMELTON@ALTINET.NET . Jean is a licensed Texas real estate broker and has sold residential properties in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area since 1984. Her husband, Ronald, is a twenty-three year veteran with the Dallas Police Department. They enjoy traveling, fishing, and working on property they own in Texas where they hope to retire. They own thoroughbred race horses in partnership with a group of investors. They have one son, Phillip (26 years), and one grandchild, Andrew (5 years).

Meier, Judy A.

Meimerstorf, Kathleen (Raymond) - 8912 Royal Ridge Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 452-7341. The year 2000 is an eventful year for Kathy with a high school graduate, a 25th wedding anniversary, and a 30 year class reunion all in two weeks. She is married to David, a manager of computer systems analysis and programming at Arkansas Best. Kathy is in early childhood education working as a pre-school teacher in her church’s child care center. They have two children, Mark (21 years) and Amy (18 years). Kathy is active in her church ladies’ group, currently serving as president. She loves to travel.

Merrywell, Gala (Lynch) - 508 Melrose, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 782-1131. Gala works at Weldon, Williams, and Lick. She is married to Leonard. He works at Planters. Gala has one son, Dustin (18 years).

Meyer, Edith (Brown) - 221 N. 49, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Mikus, Thomas - 7221 Free Ferry Rd., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Milligan, Tanya (Faidley) - 2026 Old Greenville Rd., Stauton, VA 24401 - Phone (540) 337-1962. E-Mail - . Tanya received a BS in Deaf Education at U of A. She taught 1st - 4th grades for fifteen years at the VA School for the Deaf. She is currently the Program Coordinator. Her husband, Steve, is the Contract Administrator for the VA Department of Transportation. They have two children, Clayton (15 years) and Lauren (13 years). They enjoy hiking in the mountains, spending time at the beach in North Carolina, and watching their children play soccer.

Minden, Denise

Minten, Samuel - 141 Highland Dr. SW, Calhoun, GA 30701.

Moffett, Melissa (Anderson)

Mohr, Mildred

Monroe, Debbie (Childers) - Start Rt. 1, Ozark, AR 72949.

Montgomery, Larry - 3412 Iola, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Moore, Doug - 5713 S. Vancouver, Tulsa, OK 74107.

Moore, John - 806 S. 17th, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Moore, Thomas - 9612 Old Bonhomme, St. Louis, MO 63132 - Phone (314) 567-5461. E-Mail - . Tom and his wife, Joan, have two high school children, Terese (17 years) and Greg (14 years). Tom is an architect and a partner in the firm Mackley Mitchell Associates. Tom plays some golf and likes to work in the yard in his spare time.

Moore, Tracy (Hudson) - 5500 Short Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 484-5115. Tracy teaches Family and Consumer Science at Butterfield Junior High in Van Buren. She spends most of her time with her family. She is married to David and they have four children, Jacque (27 years), David (22 years), Rachel (17 years), and Brian (14 years). She competes in horse shows and shodeos on her paint, "Joe".

Morgan, Laura - 315 Lecta, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Morris, Larry

Morse, Dannie - 2304 S. Q, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Mullen, Gary - 2209 Wirsing, Fort Smith, AR 72904

Murry, Larry - 4023 Kinkead, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Myers, Nancy (Lamoreaux) - 1000 S. Greenwood Ave., Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Neihouse, Donna (Ries)

Newman, Linda (Dressendorfer) - 15112 White Bluff Rd., Fort Smith, AR 72916 - Phone (501) 638-8153. E-Mail - . Linda has been married to Gary for the past twenty-five years. She works at Christ the King School in the cafeteria. Gary is retired from the Air National Guard. They have four children, Brandon (22 years), Misty (21 years), Tyler (12 years), and Ashley (8 years). Linda does volunteer work in the school helping the teachers. They have one grandchild, Braden (1 year).

Oberste, William - 1707 Craftwood Cr., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Oliver, Mickey E.

Orme, Katherine (Parker) - 6425 Ridge Rd., Charleston, AR 72933 - Phone (501) 965-7266. Kathy and Roy have been married for thirty years. They have four children, Amy (28 years), Carrie (25 years), Laura (22 years), and Phillip (18 years). They have one grandchild, Austen (6 years) and one due May 9th. They have been active in the children’s softball, baseball, basketball, and football. Carrie played basketball at the U of A, Laura played basketball at Westark, and Phillip played basketball and football for Charleston. Phillip will play football for Arkansas Tech this fall.

Otwell, Richard - 20512 Elder Rd., Conroe, TX 77385 - Phone (281) 367-7080. E-Mail - . Richard is a commercial contractor. He is married to Kathy Lovett and they have two children, Daniel (21 years) and Crystal (17 years). Kathy is a PE aid, planning on retiring at the end of this year. Daniel is employed with Richard’s company and Crystal is a cheerleader at Oak Ridge High. Richard enjoys drag racing.

Owens, Cheryl (West)

Owens, Robert - Deceased

Owens, Rose (Maye)

Park, Henrietta (Harrison)

Parker, Bobby D.

Parker, Charlotte (Pigg) - 913 Crooked Creek Rd., Greenwood, AR 72936.

Parker, Gary - 104 Spoonbill Ave., Arkansas Pass, TX 78336.

Pate, Linda (Porter) - 900 S. 23, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 782-0665. E-Mail - . Linda is medical technologist and employed with AEC Family Medical Center. She has two children, Brian (22 years) and Stacy (20 years). Linda has one grandchild, Maison (1 month). Linda’s newest hobby is quilting and is a member of the Belle Point Quilters Guild.

Paul, Rufus - 5907 Pleasant Hill Rd., Hackett, AR 72937 - Phone (501) 638-8729. Rufus has been married to Pam for six years. Pam introduced Rufus to the game of golf. They spend a lot of time on the golf course. They have four children and five grandchildren that they spoil and then send home.

Paul, Stephen

Payne, Sherrill - 2218 N. 52, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Pendleton, Thomas

Pennington, Carole (Russell) - 2416 Johnson Dr., Mesquite, TX 75181 - Phone (972) 222-7102. E-Mail - crussell52@earthlink . Carole is married to Gary and they have two children, Crystal (19 years) and Gary, Jr. (24 years). They have two precious grandchildren, twins Zoe Ryan and Liam Alexander (1 year).

Peoples, Grace (Morgan) - 5117 Wirsing, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Perceful, Larry - 8812 Lee Cr., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Perry, Kim V. (Baldwin)

Phillips, Joy (Beckett) - 6254 Welton Dr., Centreville, VA 20120.

Pickett, Larry - 6342 W. Lake Dr., Alexander, AR 72002.

Pierce, Bill

Piersing, Jeannie (Childers) - PO Box 271, Winfield, KS 67156-0271.

Pigg, Bobby W.

Plaxco, Dale - 5701 Enid St., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Porter, Sandra (Mack) - 9812 Brynmaw, Fort Smith, AR 72908. Sandy is presently working at St. Edward’s Hospital in cardiology as a clerical assistant. She lived in Alma for twenty-two years before returning to Fort Smith. Her husband passed away due to cancer. She is retired from the City of Fort Smith Police Department. She started there as a meter maid and then a clerical clerk. She also works parttime at Neumeier’s Nursery with plants. She has three children, Stephanie Laslo (28 years), Stephen Jackson (22 years), Shauna Jackson (20 years). Sandy has one grandchild, Logan Laslo (2 ½ years). She enjoys taking care of her flowers in her yard.

Potts, Joe - 2309 Cedar Creek Rd., North Little Rock, AR 72116.

Presley, Jackie - 9107 Sky Park Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Presley, Jerry - PO Box 3250, Littleton, CO 80161 - Phone (303) 761-9959. E-Mail - . Jerry and his wife, Aimee Steinbock, have three children, Hayley (11 years), Lindsey (10 years), and Carly (9 years). Between 1970 - 1980, Jerry spent his time in the classrooms at the University of Texas. He was in the cable television industry from 1980 - 1986. From 1986 - 1990, Jerry climbed mountains in Colorado. He was in HMO Health Care between 1990 - 1996. Currently, Jerry is with high speed internet services. Visit his personal web site at

Preston, Ann

Preston, Charles - Draper Museum of Natural History, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming 82414 - Phone (307) 578-4078. E-Mail - . Chuck is the founding curator of the Draper Museum of Natural History, Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming. He is also on the graduate faculties in Biology at the U. Colorado and Environmental Policy and Management at U. of Denver. He earned his Ph.D. in Zoology at the U of A in 1982. He is currently researching the effects of wolves, grizzly, and cougars on moose in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and has just been named to the graduate faculty in the Dept. of Zoology and Physiology at the University of Wyoming. His wife, Penny, is news director and anchor for a consortium of radio stations in WY and MT. They were married in 1983 by then Gov. Clinton. They enjoy traveling, martial arts, bodybuilding, scuba, and various outdoor activities.

Pritchett, Velie (Moir) - 817 Belle Ave., Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Raible, Stephen

Rathbun, Kenneth

Rauser, Sharon Kay

Rawlings, Ralph - 1700 Hammond, Fayetteville, AR 72701 - Phone (501) 521-2937. Ralph and his wife, Jamie, have five children, Stephanie (24 years), Ralph, III (20 years), Kathryn (18 years), Elizabeth (15 years), and Melissa (11 years). They have two grandchildren, Halie (7 years) and Madison (3 months).

Reddick, James Michael - 2018 S. N, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 782-6890. James is Vice-President of Guest Reddick Architects. He is married to Mary Winford. They have one son, Michael (17 years). James enjoys golf, golf, and more golf.

Reed, Linda

Reed, Morgan - Deceased

Reeves, Donna (Scharf) - Rt. 4, Box 49A, Van Buren, AR 72956.

Releford, Billy Joe - 1823 N. 30th, Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 783-1430. Billy Joe is starting his twenty-third year of coaching in the Fort Smith School District. During this time, he has coached at Darby, Kimmons, and NHS. During the last ten years, he has been assistant football coach and head track coach at NHS. He and his wife, Paula, have three children, William, Fred, and Rasheda. They have four grandchildren, Tyler, Daniel, Brittany, and Linsey. They attend King Solomon Baptist Church, where he serves as a deacon and Chairman of The Trustee Board. His hobbies include gardening and attending little league ball games.

Reneau, Danny L.

Revelle, Don - 2909 Riverbend Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Reynolds, Janice (Puckett) - 3036 Thresa Dr., Stevensville, MI 49127.

Rich, Mike - 515 College Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 478-9958. E-Mail - . Mike is married to Brenda. They have three children, Joshua (20 years), Caleb (17 years), and Susanna (13 years). He graduated form Oklahoma Baptist University in 1975 in Shawnee. After graduation, he and Brenda moved to Fort Worth where he obtained a masters degree from the Baptist Seminary in 1980. He remained in Fort Worth until 1998. Upon returning to Fort Smith in 1998, he began working as an investigator with Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

Richards, Margery (McClanahan)

Richardson, Glen - PO Box 245, Alma, AR 72921.

Richardson, Thomas - 1112 W. Glendale, Broken Arrow, OK 74011.

Riddle, Janet (Clay) - 904 Heather Cr., Conway, AR 72032.

Riggs, Paula - 4221 S. 16, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 646-0763. E-Mail - . Paula is a single mom, having adopted one child, Nicole Ann, and is a foster parent to many. She earned a BA degree from Arkansas Tech. She is a case manager for Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center. She works with children that have behavioral and/or mental disabilities.

Riley, Kathleen

Risner, Richard

Roam, Benny - 1604 Bluff Ave., Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Roberts, Brad - 1412 N. 57th Terrace, Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 452-0072. E-Mail - . Brad graduated from the U of A class of 1975 with a BA. He is a project architect with Tim A. Risley and Associates - Architects. He is married to Tracy, an accountant with Hiram Walker & Sons. They have one son, Shawn (21 years), who resides in Tulsa, OK. Brad enjoys golf, boating, and fishing.

Roberts, Ruth

Roberts, Sharon

Robertson, Connie - 1101 N. 44, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Robinson, Gary - 2027 Glen W. Way, Fort Smith, AR 72916.

Rodgers, Brenda J.

Rogers, George - 2903 Pine St., Dallas, TX 75215.

Rogers, Jimmy

Rogers, Orthia (Obana) - 4528 Clarendon, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Rose, A, G. - Deceased

Rowe, Clarence

Rowlett, Marcus - 4808 Birnie Ave., Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 785-9972. Marcus is married to Mary. They have one child, Kimberly (24 years), and one grandchild, Logan Ray White (10 months).

Rozell, Carolyn (Stephens) - 132 Scott Drive, Alma, AR 72921.  Email - Phone - 479-632-1020. Carolyn is married to Ron Stephens.  She has one son and one daughter.  

Rucker, David - 623 S. 18, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 494-7433. David is married to Julie, who works for the Post Office. They have three children, Traci (20 years), Christopher (12 years), and Jonathan (9 years). David works for OG&E.

Rupe, Viola (Brown) - 623 N. 21 St., Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 785-1499. E-Mail - . Viola has worked at Southwestern Bell for twenty-one years. She jokingly tells everyone she’s a professional call girl. She works hours that are called "tricks" and has many customers named "John". She and her husband, Wesley, have one child, Natalie. They have two grandchildren, Patrick, Zachary and 1
on the way in Dec. 2001 (last one unexpected)! She enjoys photography and won "Best in the Show" at the last international photography contest at the Fort Smith Art Center.

Ryan, Allen D.

Rye, Linda (Lee) Currently living in Hot Springs AR with youngest daughter, Amy Francis. Oldest daughter, Bonnie Jean, works for Baptist System in Little Rock. Have found fulfillment as stay-at-home mom  remodeling country home,  gardening, and bird watching. Enjoy surfing the web and would love to hear from former classmates. E-mail address is  

St. Pierre, Jack - 51100 Woodcliff Dr., Granger, IN 46530.

Sanders, Russell - 8201 Hwy 271 South #25D, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Sangster, Patsy (Jordan) - 3706 Roosevelt, Fort Smith, AR 72904 - Phone (501) 646-3196. E-Mail - . Patsy is manager of the Belle Point Alternative Center cafeteria. Her spouse, Tommy, is owner/manager of the Airport Restaurant. Patsy has three children, Nathan McCartney (22 years), Angela McCartney (19 years), and Tracie (10 years). Nathan graduated in computer engineering and works for MCI. Angela graduated from NHS and is a bookkeeper for Duvall Collison Center. Tracie attends Fort Smith Christian School.

Satterfield, Terry

Schlaf, Victoria (Hart) - 4011 Camphor Way, San Antonio, TX 78247 - (210) 499-5284. E-Mail - . Vicki and Paul have been married for twenty-three years. Vicki has recently gone back to work in the banking industry after being at home with her children for many years. They are very active in their church and children’s lives.

Schluterman, Kenny - 523 N. 49, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Scott, Keith - 206 S. 45, Van Buren, AR 72956.

Scott, Laura Monique (Kremers) - 2221 S. T, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 783-4117. E-Mail - . Monique has two children, Siohhan (20 years) and Morgan (16 years).

Seibold, Danny - 707 N. 6, Barling, AR 72923.

Seibold, Michael

Shanks, Jack - 3709 James, Metairie, LA 70003.

Shelby, Donna (Saldona)

Shelby, Sharon (Johnson) - 218 Harvard Ave., Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Sheppard, Earl - 1201 N. 7, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Simmons, Helen

Simpson, Deborah (Eberman) - 3327 Howard Ave., Steven Point, WI 64481.

Simpson, Linda

Simpson, Sharon (Kelso)  9042 Tooley Cove, Bartlett, TN 38133, email:  My husband,  Tom is a retired USAF and Northwest Airlines pilot. I have retired as a Medical Technologist specializing in infectious disease testing. Our daughter ,Shana is a Historic Preservation specialist and has just finished a degree in Pastry and Baking . Ashley and her husband Joseph live in St Louis at this time and have super cute daughter, Marjorie Vera. Ashley is an elementary school teacher and Joseph is finishing Chiropractic training at Logan College. 

Sims, Paul - 6626 Robin Willow Court, Dallas, TX 75248 - Phone (972) 980-07001. After NHS, Paul went to the U of A to pursue electrical engineering. After a stint as a top-40 DJ in Pine Bluff, Paul graduated from the U of A and became an electronics engineer in Dallas. He married Vivian Rushing. He went to work in Australia for eight years before having their two daughters, Lauren (9 years) and Megan (7 years). Paul enjoys waterskiing, campouts, music, reading, and sports.

Sipe, Paula (Crouch) - 3809 Elcastile, Springfield, MO 65807.

Sloan, James - 3538 Craig road, Ripley TN  38063 Phone(731) 221-8150  E-mail James is married to Pat Collier and they have one son Jason who lives in Nashville TN. James is in construction. He raises and trades horses and enjoys golf and fishing.(2-9-2005)

Smith, James - PO Box 3743, Joplin, MO 64803-3743.

Smith, Jearline

Smith, Linda L.

Smith, Patric

Snow, James - 2575 W. 6, Lot A-11, Fayetteville, AR 72701.

Sommer, Linda (Derrington) - 134 Alexander St., Memphis, TN 38111.

Spaulding, Tony - 1923 N. 52, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Speaker, Bradley - 1503 McKensie Ave., Pocola, OK 74902.

Speaks, Gerald - 804 Hemlock, Van Buren, AR 72956.

Spencer, Deborah (Pike) - 12102 Donaho Ridge Rd., Fort Smith, AR 72916.

Spillars, Cathy (Hoffman) - 749 S. Summit Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60193 - Phone (847) 895-3028. E-Mail - Hoff3028@aol . Cathy is married to Douglas. They have two children, Robert (21 years) and Nicholas (19 years).

Staton, Janet (Riggs) - 1623 Truda Dr., Northglen, CO 80233 - Phone (303) 457-4205. E-Mail - . Janet married Thomas in 1971. He works for the Burlington Railroad. Janet worked until 1998, but is now a stay-at-home wife. They have two children, Jon (26 years) and Sara (24 years). Jon is a third generation railroader and Sara is expecting her first child due May 19th. Janet enjoys spending time with her family, going to the mountains, and walking her dog, Abigail.

Steinmetz, Gary - PO Box 180496, Fort Smitih, AR 72918 - Phone (501) 649-8051. Gary has lived in Tulsa, OK for the past six years. Recently, he started a new job with Wachter Corporation, a network and telecommunications service. They work mainly for Wal Mart and Beverly upgrading their computer systems and trouble shooting problems. He based himself in Fort Smith, but may move to Florida where he plans to continue his scuba diving. Gary loves to travel around in his motor home near lakes, ride his motorcycle, and enjoys riding sea doos.

Stephens, Helen J. (Schaffer)

Stephens, James R.

Stephens, Kathryn (Acord) - 608 NE ST. Andrews Circle, Lee's Summit, Mo. 64064.  E-Mail address is

Steward, Marilyn (Moore)

Stewart, Bill - PO Box 720848, Norman, OK 73070.

Stewart, Kathy - 3711 Newton, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Stiles, Steven - 5107 Hardscrabble Way, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Stone, Hiarm - 5209 Poplar, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Stone, Rebecca (Grimes)

Stratford, Stanley - 530 Crosscut Dr., Arlington, TX 76018.

Strawser, Norma (Schaberg) - 9401 Houston, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Stubblefield, Mona (Wilkins) - 3715 Sassafras Hill, Fayetteville, AR 72902.

Stubbs, Jack - 5306 Miller Ave., Dallas, TX 75206 - Phone (861) 861-1437. E-Mail - . Chip is an architect with Phillip Shepherd Architects, Inc. He and his wife, Margaret, attended the U of A. Margaret is a preschool/director teacher. They have one child, Erin (17 years). Erin attends Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, where she plays the violin in the orchestra. Chip took up scuba diving in 1995 as a middle age crazy.

Sugg, Ronald - 3115 Spradling, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Tatum, Edward

Taylor, Cecil - Deceased

Taylor, Veronica - 5900 Kinkead #224, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 484-7934. Veronica is a certified nurses aide, working at Sparks Hospital in the emergency room. Her son, Brian, works in Little Rock as a counselor advisor for criminal children. Her daughter, Tameka, will earn her LPN in July and continue her education to become an RN. Veronica has three grandchildren.

Teeters, Marcia - PO Box 2672, Fort Smith, AR 72902 - Phone (501) 782-2161. E-mail - Marcia works at Riverside Furniture in the order entry department. She has one son, Sean (12 years). When Sean joined the Cub Scouts, Marcia also joined as a den leader. She has continued to be active in the scouting program and is now a trainer for other leaders. She never liked sleeping outdoors, but now loves it. She looks forward to having an Eagle Scout within the next few years.

Terry, Mary E. (Vaughn)

Thames, Michael - 1310 S. Albert Pike, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 783-0925. Mike is a self-employed veterinarian in a small animal practice. He is married to Lucy Ward. They have three children, Michael (26 years), Julie (23 years), and Sarah (17 years). Mike enjoys running, biking, swimming, boating, canoeing, and riding horses.

Thomas, Harry

Thompson, Harley - Deceased

Thomson, Janie (Evitts) - 7800 Valley Forge Rd., Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 484-5634. E-Mail - . Janie has been working as a case coordinator for a circuit judge for the past ten years. Her husband, Les, is an attorney in Fort Smith. Her daughter, Laura (21 years), has just completed her junior year at Westminister College, where she is president of the Student Government Association. Janie and Les enjoy traveling and golf. They are both active on various community non-profit boards.

Toombs, Rodney

Toon, Nancy (Lovelady) - 710 Bear Track Dr., Van Buren, AR 72956-2080.

Tuck, Randy - 1502 N. 33, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Tucker, Sandra

Turner, Edna - 2317 Pryor, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Underwood, Elaine (Estep)

Valenti, Elizabeth (McMullen) - 173 Sunset Dr., North Little Rock, AR 72118.

Velie, Jeff - PO Box 613, Fayetteville, AR 72702 - Phone (501) 443-7591. E-Mail - .

Vick, Brian - 6140 Concorde Valley Lane, Van Buren, AR 72956.

Vines, Mary Sue (Scheider) - 3912 Cypress, N. Little Rock, AR  72116. E-mail - I have been married for 22 years to Byron Scheider, we have two children, Justin, 18; and Tiffany, 14.  

Wagner, Ann (Reeder) - 4820 S. 16 Terrace, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Wagner, Curtis - Rt. 1, Box 230, Wesley, AR 72773.

Walker, Marilyn (Hobbs) - Box 133, Moodys, OK 74444.

Walker, Randy - 11 North Branch, Newton, CT 06470.

Walsh, Kenneth - 128 Longtree, Hot Springs, AR 71913.

Warbritton, Mike

Ward, Jo - 2309 S. O, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Ward, Linda (Campbell) - 11010 Private Rd. #3766, Will Pt., TX 75169 - Phone (903) 560-0202. E-Mail - . Linda has worked for Mental Health/Mental retardation for eleven years. For the past year, she has worked as the accounts administrator. She and her husband, Jack, have two children, Jason (23 years) and Jeremy (20 years). August will be busy for Linda as Jason will graduate from college and Jeremy will get married. Linda and Jack love to play golf. Linda continues to play tennis once a week. They love to travel.

Ward, Lucy (Thames) - 1310 S. Albert Pike, Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 783-0925. Lucy and her husband, Mike, have three children, Michael (26 years), Julie (23 years), and Sarah (17 years). We left NHS, but returned these past ten years with our children as Michael and Julie were both Student Body President, and Julie and Sarah were Grizzly cheerleaders. Michael is in majoring in Pharmacy, Julie is majoring in Dental Hygiene, and Sarah will begin college at the U of A this fall. Lucy and Mike enjoy riding and raising Tennessee Walkers, boating, and swimming.

Watson, Sharon (Ginger) - 1016 N. 20, Van Buren, AR 72956.

Wayman, Linda (Davis) - 1721 1119th St., Gig Harbor, WA 98332.

Wazelle, Andy - 2647 Tompkinsville Rd., Glasgow, KY  42141 - 270 678 7364 - Email: - Married to Christy Jones (Class of 1972), Deputy Circuit Clerk for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, One daughter, Mary Elizabeth of Halstad, MN, One grandchild, Jacobi Elliot, born 9/21/06

Weare, Rachel (King)

Webb, Carol D. (Mortenson)

Weese, James - 2422 S. Jackson, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Weese, Judith - 605 Jefferson #7, Van Buren, AR 72956.

Weir, Marcia - 2718 Reeder #4, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 784-9904. Marcia has worked in inventory control, savings and loan, secretary, and sales. She has done volunteer work at Sparks Regional Medical Center and Phillip’s Cancer Support House. Her family consists of two sisters and one brother. Both parents are deceased. Marcia’s hobbies include growing houseplants and flowers outdoors. She enjoys reading, writing letters, and talking to friends of the telephone.

Wells, Roy - Rt. 2, Box 628, Muldrow, OK 74948.

Wernick, Max - 9316 Crestedge, Dallas, TX 75238 - Phone (214) 348-0751. E-Mail - . Max is an attorney with Brice, Vander Linden, & Wernick. He is president of the St. Patrick School Board, basketball and baseball coach, and a mountain climber in the Rockies. He is married to Mary Ann, an elementary teacher. They have four children, Julie (22 years), Becca (18 years), Jake (13 years), and Sam (10 years). Julie graduated from Notre Dame and is pursuing her masters while teaching in junior high. Becca will begin computer engineering this fall at the University of Texas. Jake and Sam keep Max busy by being the sports kings... seeing how many games they can play on Saturday.

Wery, Rick - 8120 Snipe Court, Juneau, AK 99801 907-790-2267 Currently an FAA air traffic controller in Juneau, Ak., the state capitol, which is accessible only by boat or airplane. My wife Gayla and I have been married for 33 years now and we raise Jack Russell Terriers, or should I say Terrors?   I like to tour Alaska and northern Canada on my motorcycle, and, ride it down to Arkansas from time to time.

Westfall, Ernie - 1718 W. 36, Pine Bluff, AR 71603 - Phone (870) 534-1818. E-Mail - . Ernie is the district maintenance engineer for the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. He has been married for twenty-five years to Susan, a teacher. He enjoys running, cycling, and volunteer work.

Westmoreland, Edward

Wheeler, Dwayne - Deceased

White, Bill - 204 Green Acres Road, Branson, MO 65616 - Phone (417) 337-7524. Bill and his wife, Jeannie, have four children, Paul, April, Adam, and Bobby. Bill works at Fairfield Community. He owns Second Heart Music Publishing. His hobbies include music, golf, and lifting weights.

White, Gary

White, Larry J.

White, Mary (Hill)

Wier, Joy - 21600 Stonewood Lane, Roland, OK 72135.

Wiggins, Sarah (Hagge) - 30 Woody Lane, Cabot, AR 72023 - Phone (501) 843-9386. E-Mail - . Sarah has been married to Patrick for twenty-six years. They have two children, Jana (20 years) and Patrick (18 years). Jana is a junior at Oklahoma State University and Patrick will be a freshman at the U of A this fall. Sarah is an elementary teacher, primarily teaching fourth grade.

Wigley, Denis - 20 Lexington Dr., Conway, AR 72032 - Phone (501) 327-5361. E-Mail - . Denis works as a pilot for Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, Georgia, flying Captain on the MD-88. His wife, Marsha, is a housewife, active in volunteer work, church, and sorority (Beta Sigma Phi) work. He retired from the Arkansas Air National Guard in May, 1999 after twenty-eight years. They have two children, Zack (17 years) and Chad (15 years). Zack plans to attend UCA and Chad is a junior in high school. They enjoy boating, motorcycles, sports cars, traveling, and relaxing to a good movie. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in December, 1997, but is enjoying a full recovery.

Wiley, Kathy (Baxter) - 810 N. 27, Rogers, AR 72756.

Wilfong, Shareen (Pruitt) - 4501 S. 35th Dr., Fort Smith, AR 72903 - Phone (501) 646-2949. E-Mail - Shareen and her husband, Alan, have three children, Clay (23 years), Grant (21 years), and Luke (15 years). Clay and Grant are completing their college work with businesss degrees. Luke attends SHS and loves music and football. Alan and Shareen run Pruitt Tool. Shareen has also started an art work business, "On A Whim", in Van Buren. Becky Lunney Conrady is her partner. Shareen has learned in her life that prayer makes a difference.

Wilkes, Johnnie

Williams, Michael - 7701 N. 7, Lincoln, NE 68521.

Williams, Michele (Johnson) - 419 S. Bruner, Hinsdale, Illinois 60521 - Phone (630) 654-0232. E-Mail - . Michele has lived in Hinsdale for the last twenty years. After nine years as a stay-at-home mom, she decided to go into real estate sales. Her career has been satisfying and rewarding, but her proudest accomplishment is motherhood. She has two children, Ben (21 years) and Lindsey (15 years). She is no longer married to Jim, but they remain friends and partners in the rearing of their children.

Williams, Sammy L.

Willis, Carl - 1922 S. 23, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Willis, James - 1421 May Ave., Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Willis, Rodney

Wimbish, Cynthia - 5244 Birnie, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

Wimbish, Gregory - 14407 Lone Willow Ct., Missouri City, TX 77489.

Winford, Mary (Reddick) - 2018 S. N, Fort Smith, AR 72901 - Phone (501) 782-6890. Mary and James have been married for twenty-eight years. They have one son, Michael (17 years), who is a junior at NHS. Mary has taught science at Butterfield Junior High in Van Buren for twenty-five years. She enjoys working in her yard, cooking, sewing, and spending time at their condo on Lake Quachita.

Wise, Stephen - PO Box 286, Hackett, AR 72937.

Woodard, Martha A.

Woods, Chester - 712 N. 28th West Ave., Tulsa, OK 74127.

Woolbright, Hal - Deceased

Wright, Clarian - 1015 N. 40, Fort Smith, AR 72903.

Wright, Felix - 811 N. 9, Fort Smith, AR 72901.

Wright, Kathy (Hubbs) - 1907 N. Rudy Rd., Van Buren, AR 72956 - Phone (501) 474-7273. Kathy teaches art at Van Buren High School. She is married to Randy, a veterinarian. They have one son, Cody (18 years), who has just graduated from Van Buren High School. Kathy enjoys photography and antiques in her spare time.

Yderstad, David - Deceased

Young, Daniel - 4105 Hwy. 255 S., Lavaca, AR 72941.

Young, Jerry - 1625 Heartland Dr. North, Eau Claire, WI 54701 - Phone (715) 835-0642. E-Mail - . Jerry teaches tuba, euphonium, courses in music education, and honors courses at the University of Wisconsin. He is the chief editor for the international professional journal for tuba and euphonium players. His wife, Barbara, is also a member of the music education faculty and an active professional pianist. They have performed across this country, Europe, and in Japan. Jerry collects flying pigs.


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